Automotive and Industrial

3/8" thick steel and aluminum, brake caliper mount brackets
1/2" thick steel, spacers made to match gasket
assorted 1/8" thick aluminum parts
3/8" thick steel transmission spacers
3" thick steeel extra fine cut
full sheet of 3/16" aluminum parts
 .380 7075 aluminum recreated from broken part
 mini excavator ripping tooth made from .75 steel, made for Kubota kx 71 quick release attachment
1" steel hooks for loader bucket
CAD drawing and cutting for stainless steel car dash for SKJ Customs, Factory Five GTM
Cut And Fold
sometimes bending thicker material and odd shapes is difficult,
 we have found that many things can be done by cutting-folding-welding
 corner bracket
 pieces cut out, bent on the cut lines, and welded together for the Plan Defender locking Plan Tube
 metal pocket for a concrete form
cut piece and bent piece for a scaffolding handrail