stencil for football field turf
filmstrip signs for Kanab
Little hollywood sign used in Kanab UT
 Brushed aluminum peacock for YESCO,  Las Vegas Design Center
Cutting and welding of sign for town of Springdale, the first version
and then after it came back for a couple more feet of hiegth,
for Star Sign and Banner
thin aluminum laminated on 1/2" pvc, we have done some really big letters and some
pretty small ones
1" thick aluminum letters for YESCO, went in the City Center Casino in Las Vegas
1/4" thick Brass letters,
 5/8" tall and 5/16" tall, for YESCO, used at the Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas
sign cutting for Star Sign and Banner, cut 1/4" steel background, thin steel scrollwork and 3/8" thick aluminum letters.
and we made our own sign for our shop
 cutting and welding for Amera spa